Colleen M. Kisel, Founder and CEO

Colleen's responsibilities include supervising all Foundation staff members; coordinating the distribution of "treasures" to thousands of children and teens who have been diagnosed with cancer nationwide; providing information about the Foundation to interested schools, churches, civic groups and members of the media; and soliciting support from donors. Her responsibilities require her to interact directly with both the employees and volunteers of the organization and to work with the Board of Directors to ensure the Foundation is functioning according to its mission statement and goals. In addition to managing the day-to-day functions of the organization, Colleen identifies and hosts events, makes frequent public appearances and implements comprehensive strategies that will raise public awareness of and ensure the future success of the Foundation. A successful author and dynamic public speaker, Colleen's passion for helping children and teens who have been diagnosed with cancer-which grew out of her experience as the mother of a cancer survivor-remains the driving force behind the success of the Treasure Chest Foundation.


Martin Kisel, Graphic Arts Director/Spokesperson

After winning a scholarship award based on his outstanding artistic talents and abilities, Martin recently earned his graphic arts degree from Robert Morris University.  He has successfully applied the knowledge gained from that educational experience to design and create the impressive array of newsletters, brochures, electronic communications and other publications produced and distributed by the Foundation.  In addition to daily responsibilities for completing toy pickups and deliveries at area schools, churches and businesses, Martin has become an expert at using computer software to produce a variety of finished pieces that meet the artistic and decorative communication needs of the organization and its supporters/clients.  Martin also serves as an articulate and passionate spokesperson while making frequent public appearances and acting as an ambassador of goodwill on behalf of the Foundation.


Mary Nagle, Treasurer

Mary has served faithfully as the POTCF Treasurer beginning on Day One of the Foundations existence.  For nearly two decades Mary has used her business expertise to guide and oversee the overall financial management of the Foundation.  Her responsibilities include billing, invoicing, logging deposits, tax management, payroll and filing all financial reports required by the Foundation's accountants, auditors and Board of Directors.


Jane Perchez, Administrative Assistant

Jane fulfills an important role by performing a wide range of administrative and secretarial office tasks.  Her efforts streamline the work and provide much needed daily support for the POTCF's Founder and CEO.  Jane manages the Foundation's computer database by meticulously performing all database entry and reporting requirements.  Her responsibilities include coordinating and preparing for meetings and other Foundation events; maintaining schedules and updating calendars for the CEO and other staff members; assembling mailings such as applications, community letters and Board member packets; and organizing and updating both electronic and hard copy filing systems in the Foundation's warehouse.  Jane's versatility is clearly demonstrated by the vital role she plays in spearheading the Foundation's fundraising auctions and raffles.  Her responsibilities in the area include soliciting donors, maintaining a database of incoming donations and creating the gift baskets that are a popular trademark of the Foundation's major fundraising events.


Kimberly Perchez, Director of Warehouse Operations

Kimberly manages the Foundation's warehouse operations by receiving incoming toy donations and subsequently organizing and assembling the treasures for shipment to the various children's cancer treatment centers served by the Foundation.  In addition to overseeing the day-to-day warehouse operations, Kimberly prepares and maintains Excel spreadsheets to support the grant writing efforts of the CEO.  Kim also helps spread the Foundation's successes and accomplishments by preparing and distributing press releases.  She repeatedly demonstrates her versatility by increasing the warehouse's overall efficiency, solving the various problems that might arise throughout the day, and even helping management plan for future Treasure Chest openings.