Thanksgiving Arrives Early to Benefit the Treasure Chest Foundation

Thanksgiving came early when the pilgrims landed on October 3 at Brementowne Manor in Tinley Park and shared an autumn feast with the residents, raising $1,934.50 to benefit the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation. Brementowne Manor is a three-story apartment building for seniors.

POTCF Founder and CEO Colleen Kisel expressed her gratitude for the generous support shown by the residents. "A turkey dinner for more than 100 people was the work of many hands and many hearts," said Ms. Kisel. "We are so blessed to have the support of the residents of Brementowne Manor and everyone who participated in helping with this wonderful homemade dinner to benefit the Treasure Chest Foundation. Because of the tireless energy and generosity of Turkey Dinner Chairwomen Char Mannix and Joan Smith and all of the Turkey Dinner supporters, we are able to make a difference in the lives of children and teens fighting cancer throughout the nation."

Chairwoman Char Mannix said, "Every person should have something dear to their heart and mine is the Treasure Chest Foundation." Chairwoman Joan Smith said with a look of sincerity, "I wanted to help the Treasure Chest Foundation because I am so blessed to have healthy children and grandchildren."


Thanksgiving 1

Brementowne Manor Turkey Dinner Chairwomen Joan Smith and Charmaine Mannix proudly display a check for the proceeds from their recent Turkey Dinner to Benefit the Treasure Chest Foundation.


Thanksgiving 2

(Left to right): Maureen Yaeger, Catherine Swatek, Joan Smith, Sharon Leoni, Stacy Henke, Elizabeth Leoni, Kathy Henke, Joan Reuter and Bunny Lavette prepare to serve hundreds of jiggly jello molds to Turkey Dinner attendees.