CruZin for KidZ with Cancer Motorcycle Run

The Parkview Church Motorcycle Club of Orland Park gathered up 49 motorcyclists on September 10 and cruised down the road of support during their First Annual CruZin for KidZ with Cancer Motorcycle Run to benefit the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation. When the last motorcycle cruised to a stop at the end of the run, the club had raised $1,685 to help children and teens fighting cancer.

Parkview Motorcycle Club President Mike Hoerler said, "When I shared the idea of hosting a motorcycle run with the Board, we knew we had to do this ride. The Treasure Chest Foundation brings happiness to children who are going through tough times. The Treasure Chest Foundation was called for this purpose."

Parkview Church member Jennifer Babec said, "My daughter Taylor was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 when she was five years old. I cannot tell you enough how much the Treasure Chest Foundation helps these children. The kids go into a small room to get their vitals and the next stop before they get poked, scanned, receive chemo treatment or a spinal tap is the Treasure Chest. This is the one thing that keeps their minds off what is coming next. It was an awful three years. I am happy to say Taylor is a survivor and I am so thankful for what God has done for her."

Parkview Church Motorcycle Club

Parkview Church Motorcycle Club members Dick Heberly, Club President Mike Hoerler, Dawn Yex, Jan Rompala and Denise Papendik.


Pediatric cancer survivor

Pediatric cancer survivor Taylor Babec, age 9, under the watchful eye of Parkview Motorcycle Club President Mike Hoerler, minutes before the Cruzin for Kidz with Cancer Motorcycle Run revved up.